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Subject: charlie free russian loli galleries likes to be stripped - 5Charlie Likes to be Stripped - 5
James Michaelson
showingoffsoxyahoo.comNote: Please feel free to e-mail me if you like the story. I have received
a couple of e-mails from guys and tried to respond but was blocked. If you
don’t get a response at first please lolli preteen nude models try again and make certain yahoo is
not blocked on your e-mail, and I will respond! Thanks!Charlie was excited; his older cousin was getting married, and Charlie got
to be in the wedding. Although he was too old to be a ring bearer, his
uncle told him he could be a groomsman. Charlie got to wear a tux for the
first time. His father, Chuck, also told him that he could invite his new
friends Chad and Corey as well. They both wore suits, and all three boys
were excited riding to the wedding ceremony in Chuck’s car.Corey already had a boner. He knew what would be happening at the wedding;
the night before he had taken a pair of scissors to Charlie’s tux and made
some “adjustments.” He was preteen lolita top paysites
excited about what would happen, and hoped
Charlie and Chad would enjoy it too.They arrived at the church and took seats in one of the pews, all except
for Charlie who joined the rest of the wedding party. After waiting a half
an hour, the ceremony finally began. The groomsmen came out first, walking
down one of the side aisles instead of the main aisle where the bridesmaids
and bride would walk down.As Charlie walked behind the rest of the groosmen, he felt his shoes become
loose. He looked down and saw the laces on the patent leather dress shoes
were breaking, almost as if they had been cut. Charlie tried to keep them
on his feet, but he couldn’t. He had to walk right out of his shoes, but he
couldn’t stop. He had to keep walking in his thin black dress socks.Charlie happened to have walked out of lolli preteen nude models his shoes right by where Corey was
sitting, and he was able to reach over and discretely grab Charlie’s dress
shoes. Corey handed one to Chad who was sitting right next to him. Both
boys took a whiff of Charlie’s shoes. As Corey watched Charlie walk up the
aisle in his socks, he started nude youngs vids loli
to get excited. He reached inside the pocket
of his dress pants and masturbate. He had also used the scissors on his own
clothes, and had cut the seam of the pocket preteen lolita top paysites out. Corey was able to reach
right through to his briefs and rub his hard-on through the material.Charlie got excited at the way the carpeting in the church felt so good
through his thin socks, and he realized he was getting a boner. He was the
last to reach the altar, and as he walked up the few steps to get to it, he
heard ripping noises. He realized that the stitches in his tux were coming
apart!As Charlie walked forward, he felt the side seams of the tux pants where
there was a strip of silky material start to come apart. By the time he
stopped, he looked down and saw that the sides of his pants had come apart
showing the skin of his bare legs as well as his scooby little girl loli whores doo briefs with the
bright red trim!Chad leaned over and whispered to Corey, “Hey look, Charlie’s pants are
coming apart! You can see his undies!”"Yeah, I know!” said Corey who was now jacking off uncontrollable in his
own pants as he looked at Charlie’s underpants showing. He was getting more
and more excited, and he kicked off his loafers which went flying
underneath another pew.Charlie thought he better try to hide his predicament. He slid his hands
into his pockets thinking that would help. That just made things worse as
he pulled more on the material. He felt the front of the pants give way
underneath the cumberbund, the top hook popping off and the seams around
the fly coming undone. Without thinking he turned briefly toward his
friends.”Wow, now the front of his pants are coming apart!” said Chad.”Yeah, now you can see the front of his undies! And he has a little hard-on
too!” He had now abandoned the restriction of the pocket and was undoing
his pants so he could more easily jack off through his poor little nude lolita white briefs.Charlie realized he was showing too much and quickly turned to hide the
front of his underpants now on view. He grabbed at his pants, trying to
keep them from coming apart more, but made them worse. Now the seam at the
rear ripped open, exposing the drawing of scooby doo that adorned the seat
of his undies.”Oh man,” whispered Corey, mesmerized by his little friend, “his undies are
totally exposed now!” He continued to rub his dick harder and harder
through his briefs as he rubbed his socked feet on the carpeting and all
over Charlie’s patent leather shoes which they had dropped onto the floor.It came time for a prayer, and everyone had to stand. Charlie turned a bit
and, as he did, felt the studs on the front of his tux shirt pop off. His
naked chest was now being exposed.”Oh my gosh, now his shirt is coming open,” croaked Corey with
excitement. When he stood up his trousers fell down to his
ankles. Forgetting he was in a church, he just kicked his pants off and
under the pew in front of him. “His clothes are falling apart in front of
everyone,” said Corey as he reached inside lolli preteen nude models his underpants to grab a hold of
his cock. As he did his briefs slid down his legs.The prayer ended and everyone sat back down. Every time Charlie moved a
little, more of the seams of his tux ripped apart, exposing more of his
bare skin or underpants. Meanwhile Corey couldn’t stop staring or
masturbating in his pew. Chad enjoyed watching both of them but was glad
that he and Charlie’s dad were blocking the view of everyone else from
seeing what Corey was up to.Finally the ceremony ended and the bride and groom began to walk down the
aisle. Everyone stood, and as he got up, Corey’s briefs slid down. Chad
stood as close against him as he could to shield the view, so Corey was
rubbing up against his friend’s back.As Charlie began to walk down the aisle, the inevitable happened. His tux
began to completely come apart. The remaining pieces of his trousers fell
to the ground, and his shirt came wide open. Even the jacket was ripping
apart with the back ripping and the sleeves coming off and falling to the
ground.As he watched Charlie walking down the aisle in only undies and socks from
the waist down, Corey exploded. His cum began to shoot out of his dick,
landing all over the jacket and trousers of Chad’s suit. Corey kept
shooting stream after stream of cum watching his little friend in
underpants in front of everyone.Finally after he had shot his whole load, Corey realized he was half
dressed in poor little nude lolita the church. He quickly grabbed his underwear and pants and
pulled them back on. He couldn’t find his shoes, so crammed his feet into
Charlie’s. They were too small, but by pushing down the heels, he could get
them half on. He walked out that way.They all went to look for Charlie and, when they found him, he was
embarrassed but excited too. Under the circumstances they all decided to
skip the reception. Instead Chuck little girl loli whores decided to get food from a fast food
place and head home.Inside the car, with Corey and Charlie in the back seat, Charlie pulled off
the remains of nude youngs vids loli his tux and sat in his undies and socks. “You looke really
cute like that!” whispered Corey.Charlie smiled at his new friend and said, “Really, you think so? But
everone saw me in my underpants!”"Yeah and they all thought you were cute!” said Corey. “I couldn’t keep
from playing with myself, I got so excited seeing you like that!” said
Corey as his hand again began to rub up and down on his cock.”Really?” said Charlie, getting excited seeing Corey jacking off and
talking about it too. lolita underage picture galleries “But wouldn’t you be embarrassed being in just your
undies like that?”"No, I think it feels great!” said Corey, “I can undress right now if you
want!”"Cool!” said Charlie. “Can I help you?”"Sure, little guy,” said Corey.First Charlie reached down and pulled Corey’s shoes off. “Hey, these are
mine!” he said, giggling, and tossed the shoes out the window. Corey
laughed too. Chuck and Chad in the front pretended like they didn’t know
what was happening in the back, but kept discretely looking.Next Charlie pulled off Corey’s tie and tossed it out the window. Then he
unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off of Corey’s back. The shirt too went
out the window as both boys laughed. Finally Charlie undid the pants, and
Corey lifted up off the seat to let the boy pull them off. After they were
tossed out, Charlie went finally for Corey’s briefs, pulling them off and
throwing them out the window too. Now Corey was naked with his clothes
gone, and he said, “Fair is fair.” He reached over, pulled Charlie’s undies
off, and tossed them out the window too as Charlie giggled. “Now we’re both
totally naked and have lost our clothes,” said Corey, putting his arm
around his new friend.Charlie snuggled up against Corey’s strong chest and enjoyed feeling his
arm around him. They rode like that for a bit, then Charlie lay down with
his head in Corey’s lap and his naked body preteen lolitas models tpg stretched out on the back
seat. He slowly took Corey’s dick into his mouth and began sucking eagerly
on his hard cock. Corey leaned back, closed his eyes, and moaned loudly,
not caring if Charlie’s dad noticed.After a few minutes, Charlie repositioned himself so he could hump the back
seat as he gave Corey a blowjob. He sucked on Corey’s cock faster and
faster and he ground his own boner against the fabric of the
seat. Meanwhile Chad had turned in the seat and lolita 456 nude pics was openly staring at
Charlie and Corey. Chuck noticed the boy rubbing himself through his pants
and said, “Why don’t you go for it too?”Chad smiled at him and little girl loli whores
eagerly got undressed. He pulled off his dress
shoes, then his jacket, tie and shirt, then his pants and finally his black
briefs. Now he was naked in the front seat and jacking off watching the
antics in the back.The three boys were in these positions as Chuck drove into the fast food
restaurant and headed for the drive through. He ordered for all the boys
since they were all otherwise occupied. Chuck pulled up to the
drive-through window, and the cute boy working there looked into the
car. “Your total is…” the boy stopped mid-sentence as he saw what was
happening inside the car. He looked first and saw a boy naked and jacking
in the front seat, then looked to the back seat where he saw a younger boy,
also naked, humping the seat and blowing another naked boy. He couldn’t
help but slip his hand into his pocket and rub himself.He took a long time getting change and getting the food so he could
watch. He kept looking out the window and into the car.Chad was now oblivious to everything but Charlie’s tongue and mouth on his
hard dick. He was writhing and moaning, and felt the jizz building up
inside his cock. Suddenly he yelled out as his cum shot out, instantly
filling Charlie’s eager mouth. At the same time Charlie moaned, his mouth
full of cum and cock, and began to spill his seed all over the backseat of
his dad’s car. He kept humping the fabric as he shot all over the car
seat. Lastly in the front seat Chad, still pumping his dick, oozed cum all
over himself.The boy at the window couldn’t believe his luck getting to see all three of
these hot boys shoot their loads! His hand couldn’t stop working away in
his pocket as he shot jizz inside his briefs. He came so much it oozed
through his pants. He wondered how he would explain the wet spot he now lolita fashion model pictures had
on his pants.Chuck took the food and drove off with a smile on his face and three naked
boys in the car.The following Saturday was another big day for Charlie; the choir in which
he sang was to give a public performance. Chuck wanted his son to get a
haircut, so Charlie’s new friend Corey offered to take him. Corey had a
friend who was fresh out of barber school, and he was sure to like Charlie.When Corey and Charlie arrived at the empty barber shop, the boy was
already excited. Corey and his friend Chip, the young barber, noticed he
had a hard-on tenting his shorts.Charlie sat down in the chair, and Chip placed a barber cape around him to
catch the hair. As Chip began to cut, Charlie kicked preteen lolita top paysites off his sneakers and
wiggled his toes in his white socks. Chip smiled and said, “That looks
comfy, I think I will do that too,” and as he said this he kicked off his
own sneakers. Corey, sitting to the side and watching, did the same.As Chip turned to get his electric buzzer, he noticed Charlie squirming in
the chair. Soon he saw the boy’s shorts and shirt drop onto the floor. Both
Chip and Corey knew the boy was now sitting in his underwear in the chair.Just then a couple of college-aged guys came in for haircuts, and Chip
invited them to sit and wait until he was done with Charlie. Chip quickly
kicked away Charlie’s shoes and clothes, and the young men had no idea the
boy in the chair was sitting in just his underpants.As Chip continued to work on Charlie’s hair, the boy kept fidgeting under
the cape. Chip coult tell from the movement that the boy was playing with
himself. Chip himself popped a boner, and as he would lean over Charlie, he
rubbed his erection against the boy’s shoulders.Corey watched what was happening, and his own hard-on pressed against the
fabric of preteen lolita free gallerie his shorts. Chip noticed this and said, lolli preteen nude models
“Corey, do you want to go
next? You can hop into the other barber chair so you are ready.” Corey
eagerly got into the chair, and Chip placed a barber cape over him.Returning to Charlie, Chip could tell the boy was clearly masturbating
under the cape. Chip was getting so excited he could barely hold preteen nudism, preteen lolitas the
scissors steady, but he kept rubbing his boner up against the
boy. Meanwhile Corey, watching the scene, had undone his shorts under the
cape and was beating off too.Suddenly Chip pulled the cape off of Charlie, saying, “Let me shake some of
the hair off.” As he did this the two college boys watching realized that
the boy was sitting in his underpants in the chair. They looked over free tgp lolita pedo
Corey sitting in the other chair and saw as he dropped his own shorts and
shirt onto the floor. Now the college guys realized what was happening, and
they began to get hard in their jeans.Chip put the cape back over Charlie and continued with the haircut. As he
clipped, Charlie discretely reached over and unbuttoned and unzipped Chip’s
pants. The trousers slid to his ankles, and Chip stepped out of them and
kept on cutting. The college boys now realized that all three guys were in
their underwear, and they couldn’t help but rub themselves through their
jeans.Corey couldn’t stand anymore and pulled the cape off and got out of the
chair, now wearing only white briefs and white socks. He went right over to
Charlie, pulled the cape off of him, and knelt nude youngs vids loli down in front of him. He
pulled Charlie’s underpants down so that the boy’s dick popped out, then
Corey took the prick into his mouth and began to suck.Charlie let out a moan, then turned his head toward Chip. He yanked down
the barber’s briefs and began to suck on his hard cock. The college boys,
now mesermized by the blowjobs happening in front of them, continued to rub
themselves through their pants.Both Chip and Charlie let out a loud moan at the same time. As Charlie felt
his mouth filling with the barber’s warm cum, he began to shoot jizz into
Corey’s mouth. Corey began to cum, filing up his briefs, without even
touching himself. All three men moaned as they shot their loads
simultaneously. The college boys both ended up creaming their own jeans.Chip quickly finished Charlie’s haircut, the boy still sitting in
underpants in the chair. Meanwhile Corey pulled his shirt and shorts back
on. Once the haircut was done, Corey tried bbs links lolita free
to little girl loli whores pay his friend, but Chip
refused. Corey led Charlie out of the barber shop, both forgetting that the
boy was wearing just undies and socks.That evening Corey, Chad and Chuck all sat in the auditorium waiting for
the choir to being performing. lolli preteen nude models little cuties pre loli
The lights dimmed and the chorus entered;
they watched as Charlie entered at the back of the line dressed in the same
black robe that all the other members of the boys’ choir wore. The chorus
walked up to the stage and took their places on the risers, Charlie in the
back on the end.Since Chuck, Chad and Corey had taken a seat to the side, they had a clear
view of Charlie, those most people in the audience couldn’t really see him
as he was blocked by lolita fashion model pictures the rest of the choir.Chuck was sitting next to Chad and Corey who were at the end of their aisle
where no one could see what they were up to. Chuck handed a small pocket
knife to Chad.”What is this for?” asked Chad.Chuck winked and said, “You might think of something to do with it.”Next the boys’ choir began to sing. As the boys performed, Charlie began a
show of his own for the benefit of his dad and new friends. Charlie slipped
his feet out of his dress shoes, then slid the shoes away so that they fell
away. Both Chad and Corey saw this happen and could see Charlie wiggling
his toes in his bright red socks, and both began to get hard-ons in their
pants.Next they could see Charlie moving his hands underneath his robe. He had
pulled his arms out of the holes so that they were inside of the
robe. After a bit more movement of his hands, Charlie dropped his shirt
onto the ground. Now both Chad and Corey were rubbing their erections
through their pants. Then they watched as Charlie’s hands moved again under
the robe. Suddenly his pants dropped down to his ankles, and he discretely
stepped out of them and kicked them away.Chuck was excited to see his son stripping on stage under his robe, but
also continued to turn to see what the boys were getting up to. Chad and
Corey were watching Charlie when the boy very quickly lifted up his robe to
show that he was now preteen nudism, preteen lolitas in his undies, a pair of briefs with pictures of red
fire trucks and with red trim on the fly, waistband and leg preteen lolitas underage porn holes.”Oh, man, so hot!” whispered Corey, barely able little cuties pre loli
to control himself watching
his new friend exposing his underpants. Corey began to pull at his own
trousers, saying, “Man, I can’t stand it, I gotta get these off!”Chad smiled at Chuck and, now getting the idea, pulled out the pocket
knife. He put the blade against Corey’s trousers and pulled, slicing a hole
in the pants. “Oh yeah,” moaned Corey, “get ‘em off me.” Chad now sliced
the blade through the waistband of the pants, then slide the knife all the
way down the trouser leg. Corey now pulled aside the cut fabric to expose
his briefs so he could rub his boner. “Oh yeah, that feels so good.” Chad
continued to slice at the pants, cutting shreds of fabric away. As he
continued to cut, Corey moaned, “Yeah, cut ‘em off of me; gotta get these
off.” Soon nn lolita preteen tgp Chad had cut the trousers to shreds, and ribbons of fabric fell
to the floor.As Corey felt his pants getting cut away, he kept watching Charlie, who
periodically lifted up his robe to show off his underpants. Corey softly
moaned, seeing the boy’s hard-on clearly visible through the thin material
of his undies.Chad slid discretely to the floor and took the knife to Corey’s shoes. He
sliced through the laces and pulled the loose shoes off of Corey’s feet as
he heard him moaning above. Chad began to preteen lolitas models tpg
lick and suck on Corey’s feet and
toes through the thin nylon dress socks.Corey felt his buddy Chad licking his socked feet as he enjoyed the sight
of Charlie wiggling his toes inside his red socks. Now as the boy kept
lifting up his robe, Charlie would also reach down and rub his boner
through his underpants.Chuck positioned himself to hide the boys from everyone preteen lolitas underage porn else’s view but so
that he could watch. Still on the floor, Chad reached up and began to slice
through the elastic waistband nude youngs vids loli of Corey’s tightie whities. Chad felt the
knife slice through the cheap material of his underwear as he saw Charlie
up on stage pull up his robe and begin pulling down his own undies.Corey moaned as the rest of his briefs were cut away at the same time that
he was watching Charlie push down and step out of his underpants. The boy
now stood on stage naked under his robe, and Corey knew he was naked from
the top 10 loli pics waist down.Again Corey let out a moan as he felt Chad’s hot mouth go down on his
rock-hard dick. He was watching as Charlie now lifted up his robe and
jacked his cock right there on stage. Chad continued to suck on Corey’s
dick as Charlie continued to jack off on stage. Chad, now excited himself,
took the knife and quickly sliced open his own pants and undies to get at
his throbbing cock.Then with Corey watching, Charlie lifted up his robe, gave himself another
few strokes, and begin to shoot his load. His cum spurted all over the robe
of the boy standing in front of him. As he watched Charlie shoot, Corey
began to cum inside Chad’s eager mouth. Chad continued to suck on his
friend’s dick as he shot jizz himself all over the floor.Charlie shot every last drop of cum, then dropped his robe back down. After
they had both cum, Chad sat back down next to Corey, and both boys realized
that they had cut up their pants and underpants and were naked just like
Charlie.The choir completed their performance and left the stage, and Corey and
Chad watched Charlie as he walked out in his robe, knowing he was naked
underneath. Of course he had to take the robe off in the dressing room,
exposing that he was naked, but he walked out that way along with Chad and
Corey who only had shirts to cover their nudity.
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